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Kelly Lemond


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About Me

Educational History:

  • I am a graduate of Iowa Park High School class of 1992
  • I attended Midwestern State University from 1992-1997 and obtained a degree in Criminal Justice, while obtaining by Criminal Justice Degree I also was an intern for Congressman Mac Thornberry in Washington D. C.
  • I also obtain a degree in Political Science from Midwestern State University
  • After, I had my second child I earned my Post-Bacculaurate in Interdisplinary Studies in Education in 2003

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Criminal Justice/Politial Science
  • Interdisplinary Studies in Education
  • Currently finishing up my Master’s in Educational Leadership 

Current Position:

  • I started teaching in 2003
  • I have been Petrolia CISD for 2 years now
  • I teach in the Early Childhood Program/Head Start

Previous Position:

  • I started teaching in 2003
  • I have taught at City View, Vernon ISD, and at Windham School District which is in the James V. Allred Unit (prison)
  • I taught at North Texas State Hospital 
  • I love any and all my positions

Family Information:

I have three beautiful children!  My oldest daughter, Megan, is 23 years old and in less than than a month she will be married to Chase Shreiber from Windthorst, TX.  My middle child, Mason Jack, is 17 years old and he is a baseball, fishing fanatic, and my youngest little girl, Emma, is 9 years old and she loves to play with her dog, Buddy.  

Personal Information:

  • I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership so there is little time for hobbies; however, I do have a few.
  • I love spending time with my children
  • I love to hunt


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General Information

If you are ever in need of getting ahold of me please do not hesitate to call me, message me, or email me.  I am an advocate for you and your child.  I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.  

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