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Welcome to The Counselor’s Cove. 

Here you will find monthly updates on our CORE value lessons, mental health information, and updates on test and scholarships.

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The Counselor's Corner

March 2023

 Important upcoming dates and information

  • At the Elementary:
    • March 1st and 2nd all students and staff will get to vote on the Respect Poster Competition submissions. Winners will be announced before spring break!
    • February 27th – March 3rd are Dr. Suess dress up week. Check the facebook page for what to wear!
  • Both Campuses:
    • NO SCHOOL: March 10th, Spring Break March 13th – 17th, March 24th, and March 31st.


Shout out to all the students working hard to learn and show respect! The elementary has given out many chic-fil-a gift cards and positive office referrals in February for RESPECT!

Our elementary students had the chance to participate in a RESPECT poster competition in February. This week students voted and winners were announced!

Congratualtions to Kailyn Roberson, Britton Horton, Maddie Vallier, Zoey Stacy, Charlee Sullivan , Levi Pilkington, and Michael Tucker!


Health and Safety Spotlight

Spring Break is all about fun! When you are out at a park or public place be aware of your surroundings. Human trafficking continues to be an ongoing problem around the world. Use the buddy system when going to public restrooms or big events, keep emergency contacts updated in your cell phone, and an eye on your littlest family members always!


Character Development Focus

March is about forgiveness! Forgiveness means many things like letting go of resentments, finding peace in a situation out of your control, or meanding relationships. In our character elssons this month we will talk about forgiveness can mean deciding someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay. Often student conflicts arise from resentment or grudges being heald for past mistakes. This month talk to your student about how to forgive others. 

The gecko is paried with forgiveness because even after a bad experience it bounces back! The color Mint Green i paired with forgiveness because as a décor color, it offers calm and quiet with a connection to nature and a feeling of lightness, as well as balance. Like other light green colors, mint suggests tranquility.



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