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SHAC minutes 10.3.2023


October 4, 2023

Meeting began at 5:30pm


Attendees: Barbara Hughes, Cristina McCrary, Kristin Mahurin, Loren Brock, Lauren Murphy (DSHS), Misti Brock, Sharon Reineck


Meeting led by Barbara Hughes, RN School nurse and SHAC Chair



  1. Introduction and attendance
  2. DSHS guest speaker
  3. Health screenings update
  4. Upcoming health education
  5. Still need secretary position filled
  6. Still need standing committee chairs for parent involvement, health education and school safety areas
  7. Ways to booster SHAC participation



  1. Attendees introduced themselves and attendance was taken.


  1. Floor was open to the guest speaker, Lauren Murphy, from DSHS. Ms. Murphy shared that her position in DSHS was to serve as a resource for the following: opioid and fentanyl education, find resources for curriculum, oral health for preK-2nd grade, tobacco and vaping cessation for middle school and high school, car seat checks, vaccine clinics (free of charge), suicide prevention (QPR, Jason Foundation and COPE squad)


  1. School nurse (Barbara) updated the group on health screenings. Thanks to some volunteer help vision, hearing and spinal screenings will be done by the end of the week.


  1. Fantastic teeth club presentation for first graders by Henrietta Masonic Lodge will happen at the end of this month or beginning of next month. The new law to have Fentanyl education for 6th-12th grade will be covered by the Abilene Recovery Center. They are already doing our 7th and 9th graders and we will have them do 8th and 10th through 12th in the spring. The 6th grade will be done during their band time when they are driven over to the HS, per Ms. Hensley. October 5th we have the Helen Farabee Center coming to do Narcan use and training for our Admin team at 9:15am.


  1. Still need a secretary position filled is anyone interested? Misti Brock said she is interested. I will send an email to see if there is any other interest and we will vote via email, if unopposed the position will go to Misti.


  1. Roderick Reed was assigned Chair of physical education committee but had a game tonight and couldn’t make it. There’s a game, a band parent’s meeting and sports photos for kids all tonight so this meeting wasn’t well attended. Moving forward our next meeting will be in January so please help me find a good time when more people can attend.
    1. We still have the following standing committees that need chairs appointed if anyone is interested in chairing them please let me know: Parent involvement, Health Education and School Safety.
    2. The Sheriff used to come do a dog presentation/demonstration that we might be able to get him to do again. Nurse has reached out to the sheriff to invite him or any officers to the SHAC with no response as of yet.


  1. Any other questions or ideas to booster SHAC involvement? Sex education was brought up and Hot Topics is what we’ve always used we’ll have to look into finding out how to get someone to come do Hot Topics for 4th-6th grades again. Mostly all we teach is basic hygiene, abstinence, and body changes. Ms. McCrary asked doesn’t Angela (the school counselor) do SEL with the kiddos already? Body changes can be talked about during SEL. Nurse will talk to Angela about it. Ms. Mahurin asked about Red Ribbon week and who’s responsibility to run it is. Nurse said last year it was the CIS employee Mara Scottie but will make sure, if not the nurse can certainly come up with something for that week.




Meeting adjourned  at 5:55pm